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Westminster United Church

For those who are seeking a church home, we extend a warm invitation to our congregation on behalf of Westminster United Church.

As a congregation, Westminster seeks to be inclusive of all those who come in good will. We recognize that people will be at different places in their faith journeys and that we will perhaps suit some people better than others, yet we encourage you to visit our congregation. We have been blessed by the presence of many talented and faithful people, and take much joy in the growth and shaping of our family of faith.


Music Ministry


and at Westminster we do just that....every chance we get!  We believe that God loves to see his children happy and having fun together praising him, and what can be more fun than singing your heart out and dancing with joy for the love of God.

Sunday services can, at times, be reminiscent of old-time Gospel. Led by our Music Minister Jude Kudera and an exceptional choir, our congregation enjoys a vast range of old and new music, both inspirational hymns and just-plain-fun songs.

Music has charms to soothe a savage breast,
To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.
I've read that things inanimate have moved,
And, as with living souls, have been inform'd,
By magic numbers and persuasive sound.
- William Congreve


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