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Westminster United Church

For those who are seeking a church home, we extend a warm invitation to our congregation on behalf of Westminster United Church.

As a congregation, Westminster seeks to be inclusive of all those who come in good will. We recognize that people will be at different places in their faith journeys and that we will perhaps suit some people better than others, yet we encourage you to visit our congregation. We have been blessed by the presence of many talented and faithful people, and take much joy in the growth and shaping of our family of faith.


Youth Ministry

Westminster has excellent facilities to accommodate a variety of functions for large or small groups. Please contact Westminster United Church at 905-682-8140 to discuss your requirements and what services we can provide. The Fellowship Hall holds up to 80 people, and has a wide service window from the kitchen.

Westminster United Church has an exciting new club for school aged children. We offer an hour of fun and activities every sunday morning.

The children explore the Christian values and character.

We are taking some chances and trying some new and exciting things and we are fully relying on God to help us. And he will notnot let us down!




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